Thursday, September 3, 2009

Need for PM Conference

The improtance of PM is increasing day by day as more and more stakeholders are looking for ROI from the projects undertaken and ensuring that projects achieve their success criteria.
The only way it can happen is that we create millions of Project Managers in India. There are two ways - one is with formal education and other the professionals in the community share their experiences with the bussing managers. We might need both of them to create faster than any other counties.
PM Conference India 2009 is an effort in the same direction. In this conference, hundreds of practitioners will come and share their experiences. You always learn faster by the experiences of others. If we reflect on our life, how we have learnt maximum, we will realize that we have learnt maximum from others. Whether it is our family members, parents, friends, it doesn ot matter. We have all our social activities through them only.
This conference will also help you learn from various industries and domain. Successful practitioners from various domain and industries will come together on one platform and share their experiences.
Therefore, such conferences need to be more common than one of tye of events.

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